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The Heartwarming Story Behind Author Stephen Paul Campos: A Veteran's Passion

Updated: Jan 6

Stephen Paul Campos is the published author of books through FIRST- HAND experiences. Mr. Campos served in combat with the 199th. Light Infantry Brigade from April 1968 through April 1969. His first book "Charlie Doesn't live Here Anymore” was first published in 2009 by Tate Publishing. At its core, Stephen Paul Campos explains what happened to him before, during and after the Vietnam War —it's a labor of love to those who served in Vietnam and others who didn't understand from a soldier's perspective. Join us as we delve into the inspiring journey of the author Stephen Paul Campos books and discover the story that makes the reader dwell into their soul and find a greater meaning to their lives.



Each book includes nuggets of TRUTH and spiritual lessons that the reader can apply to make their life better. After returning

from duty, our veteran embarked trying to evade and forget about his military service. He found his way into a lifestyle of alcohol and parties as he tried to find himself. The war had caused deep rooted issues within his spirit, mind and soul.



In 1982, fourteen years after the war, Mr. Campos hit rock bottom. The forces of darkness called out for him to "kill himself". His only response was to call out for help.


The final hours before his endeavor with the devil Mr. Campos had consumed two fifths of alcohol trying to run from his anxiety and pain of depression. Mr. Campos had hit rock bottom. Out of his emotional turmoil he stated to pray "God help me". Over and over again he prayed for help from his depression until he fell asleep.



Early in the morning around 2am. Stephen was awakened by someone who was in his bedroom. " I knew someone was in my room for I was awakened out of my deep sleep. I saw a light behind me. I dare not turn around or move an inch. I knew it was God in my room. I sensed a presence of calm, peace and love that filled my room.


I lay there not moving a muscle and then I felt something happening to me. It started slowly from within my lower part near my stomach. It came out like something that was weird and moved up and out of my mouth. Out came the words "I love you". Again, it started the same way as before and came out again the words, "I love you".



I knew the words were from God. The way the words were spoken cannot be understood. The words broke my depression. Why was God speaking to me through myself? I looked at the Rosary by my bedpost. There I had hung my grandmother's wooden rosary. As I looked at it in the middle was a wooden cross where Jesus had hung. He died for sinners, me included.


After the voice left the light diminished and it was dark again. I fell back asleep until I woke up the next morning. I didn't have a hangover like I usually do after drinking. I knew my depression was due to loneliness and rejection, but I needed to help motivate myself. The last year I had to attend an alcohol program because I had two drunk driving tickets and was arrested!



The following day after my experience I started to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. I knew that God had spoken to me and when It came to my turn to share, I stated that "God was Love". I attended 90 meetings in 90 days and became sober. I had never been sober, except in my youth. It was in those meetings that I learned to live a new lifestyle and that lead me to go to church where I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior.

That was the beginning of my journey from "insanity to sanity.

In 2005 I was reunited with my Vietnam combat buddies at the "Vietnam War Memorial" in Washington D.C. I was so overwhelmed by our meeting, and it brought back memories of my war experience. In 2009 I published my first book as a way to honor Vietnam Veterans with the hope that they will come out and feel proud of their service too.


Since 2009's Mr. Campos has written books for veterans, military, families of veterans, the general public and children. His books can help build character and develop a deeper understanding of how God can help with our weaknesses and build a strong foundation of faith!  VISIT HIS WEBSITE AT WWW.STEPHEN PAUL CAMPOS BOOKS.COM

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Eric Almquist
Eric Almquist
Dec 28, 2023

Hi, Steve and Roger,

Many years ago now, I grew up in Modesto. We lived at 802 college Avenue. I think Campos Foods was across the MJC compus from us. My Dad worked for the Grange Company, the company with the big feed towers right there. I went to Davis High School with you and your brother Roger.

I now run a clean and sober living program with priority for disabled Veterans that we are relocating to Sacramento. Don Singer, Kathy and Kristi's father, is one of our programs "Heros".

Best regards to you and Roger and your families.

Eric J. Almquist

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