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Mr. Campos served in combat with the 199th. Light Infantry Brigade in Vietnam during 1968- 1969

Vietnam War
Vietnam War Survival

Stephen Paul Campos Books are not just an ordinary bookstore. His books range from his personal experiences. Mr. Campos has a deep passion to help military, veterans, families and those who need help in this world of chaos. His desire is to help others find a better way of living through action, accountability, self-seeking and a spiritual journey.


His story began during the 1960's, before, during and after the Vietnam war. Upon returning home from war he experienced the hatred and mistreatment by a nation that considered its soldiers as" baby killers and losers". Many Vietnam Veterans internalized their anger by using alcohol, drugs or becoming unsympathetic towards life and coping out. Others found a way to make life work, but he wasn't one of them.

In 1982, he was on the verge of insanity and hit "rock bottom". The forces of darkness called out for him to "Kill Yourself". That's when something happened that cannot be easily explained. As the voices shouted out for him to kill himself, he started to pray "God Help Me". In the early morning hours, he would have a supernatural experience that would completely transform and save his life.


His books are carefully selected to ensure that our customers get the best reading experience. Come and visit his bookstore today. His books are available on and offer FREE shipping to most Prime members. He is also the owner Senor Campos Salsa.

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